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WFFSC has been recognized as the largest club in RI for the past 4 years.

We are an all-volunteer, non-profit organization and need YOUR help and support to serve the needs of local children.


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Weather Updates

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Indoor Soccer

The fall season wlll be wrapping up towards the end of October for both Rec and Competitive teams. Most of the Competitive teams will transition to indoor soccer as the Competitive Program is Fall, Winter, and Spring. The Rec Program has individual Fall and Spring Seasons. 

There are two venues that offer indoor soccer that are used by WFFSC: Wide World in NK and Teamsworks on Jefferson Blvd. Most Competitive teams play at Wide World but some may opt for Teamworks. Any Rec teams usually play at Teamworks.


The indoor fees are much higher than the outdoor fees and this totally due to the venues fees.A breakdown of the fees for Competitive teams is provided under COMPETITIVE tab above. WFFSC only charges fees in order to pay the indoor venues and maybe cover the cost of the database registration and credit card costs. WFFSC does not use indoor to raise any funds, just tries to not lose too much while trying to allow the kids to play.

Teamworks offers Rec programs for various age groups. It would be great to have some Rec coaches coach an indoor team. But if a coach is not available then parents can contact Teamworks and they have what they call Teamworks Tiger teams where they take individual players and form teams for play. 

Both Teamworks and Wide World require each player and coach to have a 'pass/membership'. This provides some insurance for the member. At Wide World you have to have an account and can access it HERE. Either create a new account or login to an existing account and purchase a player membership at a cost of $10. This is required in order to add the player to the team roster. Info about Teamworks will be added when needed. 


The registration for indoor Competitive team is at the following link. Only register if told to do so by a WFFSC Competitive Coach. 

Registration for Indoor Competitive

For those who are playing on two teams here is a link to register for the second team.

Registration for Second Indoor Team

Click HERE for Information on LiveBarn Streaming at Wide World.

College Scholarships

WFFSC is pleased to announce the winners of the College Scholarships for 2021. The scholarships are jointly supported by WFFSC, the Elanna Zuller Memorial Sports Fund, and the Gianna Cirella Memorial Fund. The support of these organizations is truly appreciated. The recipients of the $300 scholarships for 2021 are given below along with the college they will be attending. We wish them the best for their futures.

Paulo Frias Jr - Rhode Island College

Cassie Cirella - Coastal Carolina University

Josh Paiva - University of Rhode Island

Madison Lodge - University of Mississippi

Allen Teran - University of Rhode Island

Julianna Roa - Emmanuel College

Christopher Matarese - Roger Williams University

Spring Superliga Team Sportsmanship Awards

WFFSC is pleased to once again have several teams win the Sportsmanship Award this past spring season. The winners include the following teams:

G9U Team - Coach Bob Enright

G16U Team - Coach Keith Randall

B8U Team - Coach Holly Izzi

B14U Team - Coach Jessie Carpenter


The 30 WFFSC Competitive teams play in the RI league called Superliga. For U11 and older age divisions the league records scores and has standings during the season with playoffs for the teams that make the top portion of the bracket. The U17-U19 teams have playoffs earlier than the U11-U16. The U11-U16 will start next week but the U17-U19 playoffs started this week and 5 teams from WFFSC were in the playoffs. One of the semi-final games featured two WFFSC teams so unfortunately only one of those teams made it to the Finals. Two of the other three teams won their semi-final games and will be in the Finals June 5 at Bristol Colt State Park. Best of luck to the following teams in their quest for the RI Superliga Championships:

G17U/Open Division - Coach Frias

B19U/Classic Blue Division - Coach Carpenter

B19U/Classic Gold Division - Coach Galamaga


The G17U-Frias and B19U-Galamaga teams won the Superliga Championships!!!

Congratulations to both teams.

For U11-U16 the following teams made the Superliga playoffs. Congratulations and best of luck to all the teams.

G11U/Classic Blue - Coach Byrd (won quarter-final game, lost semi-final)

G12U/Anchor - Coach Younger (lost semi-final)

G14U/Anchor - Coach Enright (won semi, on to Finals, lost in PK's)

G16U/Classic Blue - Coach Randall (lost semi-final)

B11U/Classic Gold - Coach Byrd (lost in quarter-final)

B12U/Anchor - Coach Delvicario (lost semi-final)

B12U/Classic Blue - Coach Guyon (won quarter-final, lost semi-final)

B12U/Classic Blue - Coach Byrd (won quarter-final, won semi-final, on to Finals, Champions!!!)

B14U/Classic Blue - Coach Carreiro (won quarter-final, won semi-final, on to Finals, lost 4-3)

B14U/Classic Blue - Coach Carpenter (won quarter-final, won semi-final, on to Finals, Champions!!!)

B16U/Classic - Coach Caldeira (won semi, on to Finals, Champions!!!)

B16U/Rhody - Coach Patten (lost semi-final)

SRI Cup Tournament

The SRI Cup is a statewide tournament run by Soccer RI. Many WFFSC teams entered the tournament. Below are the teams and playoff schedule/results. All semi-finals and finals at Burrillville. Schedule/Results are HERE.

G11U-Byrd (lost in quarter-finals in OT)

G12U-Younger (Champions!!!)

G14U-Enright (Champions!!!)

G14U-Keaney (lost in semi-finals)

G17U-Mota (lost in finals)

B11U-Byrd (lost in semi-finals)

B12U-Delvicario (Champions!!!)

B12U-Guyon (Champions!!!)

B14U-Carpenter (lost in semi-finals in PKs)

B14U-Zuniga (lost in quarter-finals)

B16U-Caldeira (Champions!!!)

College Scholarships

WFFSC is very pleased and very proud to provide college scholarships to some of our long-time players starting college this year. The scholarships are given by WFFSC along with the Elanna Zuller Memorial Sports Fund and the Gianna Cirella Memorial Fund representing two of our super kids taken from us way too soon. I (Doyle) truly appreciate what these two organizations have done and continue to do in our community and for our soccer club.

Applicants must have played for WFFSC for at least 4 years, be graduating high school this year, and attending an institution of higher learning this fall. 

Scholarship Application

The latest from RIDOH is that there are no mandated restrictions for outdoor play. Masks are not required but are encouraged for those not yet vaccinated. Players, coaches, and spectators are encouraged to wear masks if they have not yet been vaccinated.

If there is a positive case of COVID for someone connected to a team, please report to Doyle Byrd at doylebyrd@gmail.com. The team will have to quarantine per executive orders from RIDOH. This means the team will cancel practice and most likely miss the next game. These situations will be handled on a case to case basis.


Get your WFFSC Team Gear and competitive uniforms HERE

A uniform set for Competitive Program is a red jersey, black jersey, shorts, and socks. Last name on the back of the jerseys. Select any number but best to get something more unique than 10.

NOTE: Due to some issue on the Challenger website to order competitive jerseys find the section with "INARIA REPLACEMENT" and choose "Admiral Men's/Yth. Custom Jersey". This section will provide a range of appropriate sizes.

COVID-19 Update

RI is in Phase 3 of Reopening. For Youth Sports this means that events outdoors are limited to 50 participants and for indoors it is limited to 25.

For Recreation Spring Program it is anticipated to have a full program with practices and games. There is a plan given on the RECREATIONAL page detailing how teams will practice and have games..

For Competitive it appears that the spring season will occur and expectation is practically all Competitive teams will participate..


WFFSC is pleased to have the following individuals win recognition awards from Soccer RI for 2020.

SRI Website

Mark Laurie will be inducted into the SRI Hall of Fame. Mark has been an integral member of WFFSC for over 30 years. He started coaching his kids and joined the board. He has been on the WFFSC Board for over 25 years. For many years Mark was the Referee Coordinator for WFFSC, back in the day when communication was done with phone calls. Mark would spend entire evenings call refs and confirming schedules. However, the biggest contribution to WFFSC is that Mark took on the responsibility of Field Director for Winslow Park. The agreement with the City of Warwick when the original Winslow Park was built in the 1990's was that the city would build the fields but WFFSC would maintain them. This includes cutting the grass, lining the fields, trash removal, goals, nets, irrigation, fertilizing, etc. For the past dozen years, Mark has been responsible for all of this work. While he may not be as well-known as others at WFFSC he is one of the most important. When you go to Winslow and the grass is nice and cut and fields lined and goals ready that is all due to Mark. He volunteers a tremendous number of hours so that the kids can play. WFFSC is highly indebted to him for his efforts. Mark was nominated for the SRI Hall of Fame and I am very proud to say he was awarded this significant recognition for his many years of service to this club.

Joe Caldeira was nominated and awarded the Male Coach of the Year. Joe has been coaching for 10 years starting when his kids were very young. Joe coached both girls and boys teams for many years. Joe has also been a member of the board for the past 6-8 years.

Congratulations to these two members of WFFSC for their dedication to the club. It is members such as these that allow the club to be successful and provide an opportunity for the kids to play soccer.


Outdoor Summer Camp At Winslow.
This August!


Challenger's, outdoor, summer camps are scheduled to start as early as July! Register today for the iconic, International Soccer Camp or Next Level Training.

Challenger Sports has in place health and safety protocols to help protect campers, parents, and coaches. Before attending camp these protocols will be shared with you via email.


 Updated Terms & Conditions From Challenger Sports.

*A full refund will be issued if a camp is purchased and due to government regulations surrounding COVID-19, we're unable to offer the camp.

*If you purchased International Game Jersey as an add-on and your camp is canceled, you'll receive a full refund, minus $20 to cover the cost of the jersey and shipping.


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