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To Register To Coach a Team for 23/24 Year

Please Go To the Following Link

Do Not Try and Use Old gotSoccer Account Info, But Create New Account.

If you have already created a gotSport account you can use that one.

Registration Link

Once you create an account then log back into the account and then you should see the requirements under the Dashboard tab on the account.



All coaches at WFFSC are volunteers. Each and every coach is much appreciated as they are needed in order to provide the kids with a path in which to play and enjoy the sport of soccer.


All coaches must register at the above link. Once the registration is completed then all coaches must submit the background check. Safety of the children is of paramount importance.


All coaches in the Competitive Program must also take the CDC Concussion Course and the SafeSport sexual Abuse Awareness Training.


Most parent coaches begin with coaching their young kids in the Recreational Program. There coaches gain experience with running practices and managing games. WFFSC provides basic training for coaches along with extensive online information and usually has someone available as needed for questions and assistance.


Then when ready and the player wants to transition to Competitive Program then the coach may decide to coach there as well. All Competitive coaches are approved by the Board of Directors.


The focus in both programs is to provide the players with a quality experience with the sport of soccer. The kids should have fun while learning how to play. 


WFFSC wants to provide information for each coach to have a successful and fun season. Material has been collected over the years and is available at this link

For a collection of suggested games, go to this page click here.


Coach Information

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