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The breakdown of fees at Wide World is given in this document. This is real money that WFFSC has to pay Wide World and we do give them some rather large payments. 

SuperLiga Club Pass and Double Roster Policies


Mission Statement: To provide the opportunity for players to participate in a more intense, focused, and competitive soccer program that will better prepare them for an opportunity for success in the interscholastic venue or further advancement. They will do so conducting themselves in a manner consistent with the rules, regulations, and guidelines set forth by the WFFSC Board of Directors.

Teams are formed based on player's abilities such that team are balanced from top to bottom with reasonably equal-skilled players. This facilitates a consistent approach for skill development as well as allows teams to be placed in appropriate competitive levels. Typically tryouts are held in June to form part of the basis for the evaluation of players. Based on the tryout data coupled with coach experience teams are formed for the competitive year which consists of fall outdoor, winter indoor, and spring outdoors.


Coaches are volunteers that typically have accumulated much experience either in competitive or rec programs. Coaches undergo a stringent BCI check and have to get training in sex abuse awareness and CDC concussion prootcols. All coaches are approved by the BOD. 

Fees for normal season currently are $85 for U8 and up with no family discounts for outdoors. Indoors may be between $200-$300 depending on age and division team is playing in. 

Below are the default age groups based on year of birth for both the current season and the upcoming season. Parents may request during registration for player to play up an age level although it is encouraged that players play in their appropriate age group. Cannot request to play down an age level. U9/U11/U13 will only be available if enough players are available to form teams.

2020-2021 Soccer Season

2013-later -> U8 

2012 -> U9

2011 -> U10

2010 -> U11

2009 -> U12

2008 -> U13

2007 -> U14

2005-2006 -> U16

2002-2004 -> U19

2021-2022 Soccer Season

2014-later -> U8 

2013 -> U9

2012 -> U10

2011 -> U11

2010 -> U12

2009 -> U13

2008 -> U14

2006-2007 -> U16

2003-2005 -> U19

Teams are formed by August for play starting in Fall except for older kids in high school where those teams are formed once the high school season ends with play starting indoors.