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WFFSC Overview

Warwick, RI Soccer Club With Recreational and Competitive Soccer Programs Since 1984. Promoting having fun while learning and playing soccer!

WFFSC has been recognized as largest club in RI for the past 3 years.

We are an all-volunteer, non-profit organization and need YOUR help and support to serve the needs of local children.

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Weather Update and Important Info

Stay Tuned.

Due to the COVID-19 issues Soccer-RI and Superliga have cancelled all Cpmpetitive soccer games through April with the hope of playing in May and extending the season into June and July. Rec season has also been postponed to start in May.

We are monitoring the situation in regards to spring, both REC and COMPETITIVE and will make some decisions in the next week or two.

Parents are the ones to make final decisions about their children. If anyone feels uncomfortable you may ask for a refund and I will process it minus the $10 we get charged for each player registration.

Stay safe and stay healthy.

SRI Award Winners

WFFSC is pleased to have the following individuals win recognition awards from Soccer RI for 2020.

SRI Website

Mark Laurie will be inducted into the SRI Hall of Fame. Mark has been an integral member of WFFSC for over 30 years. He started coaching his kids and joined the board. He has been on the WFFSC Board for over 25 years. For many years Mark was the Referee Coordinator for WFFSC, back in the day when communication was done with phone calls. Mark would spend entire evenings call refs and confirming schedules. However the biggest contribution to WFFSC is that Mark took on the responsibility of Field Director for Winslow Park. The agreement with the City of Warwick when the original Winslow Park was built in 1990's was that the city would build the fields but WFFSC would maintain them. This includes cutting the grass, lining the fields, trash removal, goals, nets, irrigation, fertilizing, etc. For the past dozen years Mark has been responsible for all of this work. While he may not be as well-known as others at WFFSC he is one of the most important. When you go to Winslow and the grass is nice and cut and fields lined and goals ready that is all due to Mark. He volunteers a tremendous number of hours so that the kids can play. WFFSC is highly in-debted to him for his efforts. Mark was nominated for the SRI Hall of Fame and I am very proud to say he was awarded this significant recognition for his many years of service to this club.

Joe Caldeira was nominated and awarded the Male Coach of the Year. Joe has been coaching for 10 years starting when his kids were very young. Joe coached both girls and boys teams for many years. Joe has also been a member of the board for the past 6-8 years.

Congratulations to these two members of WFFSC for their dedication to the club. It is members such as these that allow the club to be successful and provide an opportunity for the kids to play soccer.

Spring Recreation Program Registration and Information

The registrations for the WFFSC 2020 Spring Rec Program are now open. See registration button on right side of this page.

There will be a walkin registration/information session on February 27 from 6:30-8:30 PM at the Warwick Public Library on Sandy Lane Road in Warwick. You only need to attend if you want to speak to someone in person to get information or if you need assistance with the online registration. The online registration is the preferred method of registering a player for Spring Rec that will begin in April.

First games will be April 4. Season runs till mid-June. Games will be Saturday mornings at Winslow Park off Airport Road. Teams practice one evening during the week. Practice evenings and locations are at the discretion of the coach. Winslow field is available for U6 and U8 coaches on Wed evenings and many coaches choose that evening. With the large number of Competitive/Travel teams there is not enough field space for all teams to practice at Winslow.

All coaches are volunteers so please volunteer if you can. WFFSC is ALL VOLUNTEER so please help the club by volunteering to coach.

First team meetings will take place towards end of March.

Photo Day is May 9th.

Tiny Tykes Spring Registration is Open

The Tiny Tykes Program is for kids ages 2-4 who are looking to have some fun and meet other kids. The program is run by Challenger Sports who provide the experienced group leaders to run the activities. There are openings Tues, Wed, Thurs, Friday evenings at either 4:00, 5:00, or 6:00 so lots of flexibility to choose from. Program runs from late April till June. Cost is $80. Participants get a Tiny Tykes shirt and shorts. See the link below for more information on the program and the fun that the kids can have.

For questions, contact Luke Burgess: lburgess@challengersports.com

Tiny Tykes Information


Spring Competitive Program

Registration is now open for Spring Competitive Program. Please only register if told to do so by a coach. See registration button on right side of this page. If the player is also playing in REC then there is a $20 discount that you can get by entering the following coupon code during registration: Reccomp2020

Superliga Night at Revs

Saturday, May 16th - 7:30 p.m.

New England Revolution vs. Columbus Crew SC

Gillette Stadium

All WFFSC Competitive Players will get a voucher in March for a free ticket to this game. Also this year all WFFSC Rec Players will get a voucher as well for a free ticket. Teams are encouraged to go, tailgate (free parking), and enjoy the game. It is a fun evening for the kids to be inside Gillette.

Phone - (508) 384-4260 or Email - SuperLigaNight@Revolutionsoccer.net

Sponsorship Opportunities

2020 recreational sponsorship is now open.

WFFSC is always looking for sponsors to help keep registration fees low. Sponsors can be for teams or for signs at the field. See the document for information.

WFFSC Sponsor Form

WFFSC Summer Camp
WFFSC is pleased to offer the following soccer camp this summer to be run by Challenger. $10 discount if register in January. Go to the link below for more information and contact info.
Warwick Fire Fighters Challenger Summer Camp 2020
Date(s): August 3rd - August 7th
Location: Winslow Park
2019-2020 Indoor Competitive Program Registrations

2019-2020 indoor competitive program registration is now open. Please only register if told to do so by a coach.

We are using a new database (StackSports) for registrations at WFFSC. You will need to create a new account if you have not yet done so as we are no longer using the previous database (gotSoccer). Once in the account there is a REGISTER NOW button to access the registrations. The registration button for those that have an account is on the right side of this page.

Please be sure to select the registration for the proper venue and proper format (there is a special registration for those playing 10v10). The initial fee is $80 and then there will be 3 additional monthly payments.

Each venue charges a separate membership fee from the team fee. The fee you pay for Teamworks includes the membership fee. However the fee you pay WFFSC for Wide World does not. They have a new system where each family has to create yet another account in a system called DASH (website given below) and add all players in the family to that account. The account will be used to pay the $10 membership fee for each player. Then you can request to be added to a team. Once the membership fee is paid and the fee to WFFSC is paid, then the player will then be added to a team roster. You can access the website at Wide World at the following and the website for Teamworks is given as well. Thanks to Coach Patten there are detailed instructions given down below for how to do DASH account and select team and pay the $10.

Wide World Website

Teamworks Website

DASH Website

Before the first game at each of the venues you have to go to the office and have a photo taken of the player and show them an age verification document (birth certificate or passport). They do not keep a copy of the document, just validate the date of birth for the player.

Some players may want to play for two teams. There is a second registration program SECOND TEAM where you can register and pay the extra fee.

There may be some situations where a team may need a player or two in order for the team to play or else the whole team would not be able to play. So some players may be asked to play for an additional team just to allow the team to play. Since the player is being requested to play there is a discount off the fee (you get a coupon code to enter). ONLY register for this if approved by Doyle, Bob, or Ray.

For competitive uniforms please see farther down this page.

Instructions for DASH at WW.

  1. Go to the WFFSC Website
  2. Scroll Down - Click on DASH Website
  3. Top right corner- click on LOG IN (Blue Box)
  4. Create an account
  5. Choose the location (for most of us it's NORTH KINGSTOWN)
  6. Please read and sign the waiver
  7. You will see WELCOME TO YOUR NEW ACCOUNT....then click on ADD CHILD
  8. Scroll - Click on Youth Soccer
  9. Click on join a team
  10. Choose your team- click the green box
  11. You will have to be accepted the team and will get an email saying that you are accepted.
  12. Go back to log in screen, choose Join team again
  13. Click on Registration
  14. Click the Home button in the top right corner
  15. Scroll Down click add membership
  16. It's pretty self explanatory from here...pay $10.
Team gear

Get your WFFSC team gear and uniforms HERE

Female Referee Of the Year

WFFSC is very honored that Callie Fagundes was selected as the Superliga Female Referee of the Year. Callie has worked very hard to become an outstanding referee and we are all very proud of her accomplishments and really appreciate her dedication to becoming the best referee possible. She will receive her award at the Superliga Awards Banquet on August 22.

Superliga Sportsmanship Awards

WFFSC is honored to have teams/coaches win Superliga Sportsmanship Awards. Sportsmanship is one of the foundations for the club.

For Spring 2019 the teams and respective coaches that won the awards are:

Joe Burns G12U

David Falk G14U

Ray Meunier B16U

Doyle Byrd G10U

For Fall 2019 the teams and respective coaches that won the awards are:

Ben Murphy B8U

Nicole Guyon B9U

Bob Enright B12U

Doyle Byrd G10U

Antonio Vega B16U

Paulo Frias G16U

Superliga Skills Challenge Winners From WFFSC

WFFSC is thrilled that two of our players won the Superliga Skills Challenge. Congratulations to both Kaylee and Logan.

10U Girls

Kaylee Steele - WFFSC

13U Boys

Logan Caldeira - WFFSC

Contact Information

WFFSC is an all VOLUNTEER non--profit organization that was formed in 1984.

Mailing Address:


PO Box 8650

Warwick RI 02888

Contact Info:

Doyle Byrd, President


  • This program is for players playing SPRING COMPETITIVE Soccer (only register if told to do so by a coach)

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  • This program is for players playing on a SECOND SPRING COMPETITIVE Team. (only register if told to do so by a coach). REPEAT this is for SECOND TEAM. Do not use if registering for PRIMARY TEAM.

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If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.